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O4C - Objects For Clients

Web Plugin Technology

O4C Web Plugin Technology makes possible to present your work to your clients directly on your website. Everything you have to do, is publish your O4C file on your http server and share the link with your clients.
How it works:
  • Design your product with Flow Architect Studio 3D or other CAD software and export it to the O4C file.
  • Copy O4C file in to your http server account.
  • Place the embeding code that was generated by Flow Achitect Studio 3D on your wwww.
  • Share the link with your clints.

Example O4C files published on the Web

Example O4C files you can view online with free O4C Web Viewer:
O4C Visualizations generated with a Flow Architect Studio 3D application.

Corporate Show

Wizualizacje Eu

3D Product Presentation


Vacation house
O4C Visualizations generated with a O4CExporter application.

Stairs 1

Stairs 2

Stairs 3
If you experience problems with O4C Web technology please to report them to: support@pixelplan.pl

Embedding the O4C Web Viewer plug-in on a web page

O4C Web Viewer plug-in is very easy to embed on your web page. For this purpose you have to include the code below in the header section of your page.

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript" src="http://www.pixelplan.pl/o4c/o4c.js"></script>

In the next step, you have to extend the code of a <body>, tag of your page. You have to add a O4C Web Viewer plug-in loading code:

<body onLoad="O4CEmbedViewer ('link_to_the_project.o4c', X, Y)">

Where link_to_the_project.o4c is an address to your project in O4C file you want to show up on the page, X and Y are the width and the height of a window that will show the project.

Finally, at the place, where you want to embed the project you have to include the code below:

<div id="O4CDiv"></div>

The code of complete web page which embeds O4C Web Viewer can look like this:

    <script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript" src="http://www.pixelplan.pl/o4c/o4c.js"></script>
  <body onLoad="O4CEmbedViewer ('link_to_the_project.o4c', X, Y)">
    <div id="O4CDiv">
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