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O4C - Objects For Clients

Product overview

O4C - Objects For Clients is a technology developed by Pixelplan that allows you to present your work and designs in 3D to your clients in a quick and convenient way. O4C enables you to save time and expand your marketing potential. O4C Exporter creates an 3D O4C file that your client can view using the free O4C Viewer.
The O4C file is secured with a signature created from your personal data and use a watermark background that you can setup in O4C Exporter. O4C Viewer displays this information to your client. This means that your work and intellectual property is protected inside O4C file and you can distribute your work without any risk.

o4c With O4C Exporter you can:
  • Create O4C file out of your project and send it to your client via mail or share on your web page.
  • You can upload O4C file to the O4C Tube web service and share a link to your file.
  • Within seconds you can create 3D rendering of your projects and share them as jpeg files.
How it works:
  • Design your product with your CAD software.
  • Export your project to common 3D format or use export to O4C option in your CAD program.
  • Use O4C Exporter and load your exported project.
  • Save O4C file that contain textures, 3d model and your signature in a single O4C file.
  • Send O4C file to your client.
O4C supports textures, transparency, dynamic lighting and shadows. Supported 3D formats are:
  • obj,
  • 3ds,
  • collada (dae),
  • VRML,
  • You can also load your design from a TAR or ZIP archives.
If you are interested in a standalone O4C Exporter that supports the above 3D formats you can download and try O4C Exporter trial version from our download page. In order to purchase O4C Exporter unlock key please visit our on-line store.
O4C Exporter can work as a separate standalone application or can be integrated with CAD program that you currently use. O4C Exporter is currently integrated with Compass Software stairs design software. If you are interested in integrating O4C Exporter with your CAD software please contact us at: pixelplan@pixelplan.pl.
A free O4C Viewer that your clients can use to view O4C files can be downloaded here: O4C Viewer.
System requirements
Minimum system requirements for O4C Viewer and Exporter:
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7.
  • 1Ghz processor with SSE instruction set.
  • 512MB of RAM.
  • 3D Accelerating graphics card supporting OpenGL 1.2 .
Example O4C files
Example O4C files you can download and view with free O4CViewer application:
O4C_example_1 O4C_example_2 O4C_example_3
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