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Pixelplan logo The PIXELPLAN company was found in 2008 to introduce a new kind of visualization based on virtual walk in to the market. The company was created on a base of many years of developing 3D graphics software. Through these years we have acquired experience to built up an advanced technical solutions. Software that we create is a significant step forward in the domain of visualization.
Our innovative software enables you to create visualization that communicates specific features of your project or product in a way that it was not possible before. Visualization created with Flow Architect Studio 3D is unique in contrary to traditional visualization using movie techniques, it allows for a free virtual walk and interaction with elements of environment in a space created on the computer screen. As a result of that visualization created with our software give a stronger impression of realism and allows to discover values of a project faster and in a more complete way than it is possible with a traditional visualization.
Our mission
Our mission is to create the best possible tools to build 3D visualization of any object, structure or product.
Pixelplan S.C.
ul. Francuska 19/2a, 40-027 Katowice, Poland
e-mail: pixelplan(at)pixelplan.pl
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